About us


Like None Other

The year was 2020 and we were in the midst of a global pandemic and like so many local small businesses, a child care center was forced to turn in their keys and close. Property managers, D&Q Investments remained deeply rooted and loyally connected to the Sherman Park neighborhood. The landlord is unlike most landlords in our city. This one legitimately cares. He serves on the Board of Directors for UpStart Kitchen and is a member of Parklawn Assembly of God. This landlord poured in his personal finances and convened partnerships with a never quit attitude. Sherman Park Grocery is under construction opened July 15, 2022.

Power of Relationships

Any recipe is only as good as its ingredients. We are grateful for our Alderman, Khalif Rainey, who pioneered the Fresh Foods Access Grant and passionately seeks to eliminate food insecrurities all across the City. 
Appreciation for the tireless work Alderman Russell Stamper to illuminate racial disparities and the need for economic development.  The heart and soul is Parklawn Assembly of God and The National Black Fellowship's Wi+H initiative.  PRISM Economic Development Corporation inspires more than 30 culinary art entreprenuers at UpStart Ktichen - many of these entreprenerial specialties are available to purchase in our grocery store. Across the street, Clean Laundry opened Fall 2021 to give our neighbors the cleanest experience. They are genuinely relational while sparing no utility expense to ensure every wash is the cleanest. Community IMPACT, Inc. is a nonprofit who provided much of the innovative administration necessary to launch both Clean Laundry and Sherman Park Grocery. They never left us. To this day they manage the collaboration suite across the street, The Community Impact Center rallies community resources and faithfully hosts family birthday & anniversary celebrations. Rooted in the leadership of our landlord, D&Q Investments, we are becoming a micro-economic ecosystem hosting almost monthly tours illustrating the beauty of the possible from our ashes. From the nights of our darkest pain, Parklawn Assembly of God heard the cries of our neighborhood. They listened and look at what is happening today in Sherman Park!

Our Vision

We do not need another food pantry. It's like a bandaid for cancer. What we need is a thriving and sustaining grocery store offering the freshest groceries while teaching families HOW to make healthy delicious meals while showcasing the skills of local culinary artist entrepreneurs.

Sherman Park Grocery Store is part of a micro economic ecosystem eliminating barriers and ensuring all neighbors know they are have sacred value.  We are grateful to Parklawn Assembly of God, P.R.I.S.M. Economic Corporation, UpStart Kitchen, Clean Laundry, Sunshine Dance Studio, and CommunityIMPACT Center.  We are receptive to additional entrepreneurs willing to join us along West Fond du Lac Avenue.

our Value Proposition

convenience of choice

We would be honored to be your grocery store.  We are neighborhood owned, managed, & led.  Your creative ideas are valued for how we can lower prices and bless our low income family & friends

best qualty products

We don't need more liquor or convenient stores selling non-nutritional value "foods."  Be the change and shop with us.  We are committed to high quality fresh foods.  We are always seeking collaborative partners